Boys & Their Toys…..


As the porter loo & site cabin arrived on site, reality set in… the work has started. This is really happening. No turning back now….:)

This week Vince and I divided up responsibilities…Vince got his hands dirty down at the plot, attempting to drive the mini dumper truck! whilst I kept warm & dry and cracked on with the interior design. Builder Ben also thought it would be funny to have a little play with the 15 tone digger!

The first item ticked off the list was laying the services (gas, electric and water) under the soon to be drive way. Check. They have been successfully laid.

Not only have we had to juggle tasks but we’ve usually been putting in extra shifts in the evenings once the monkeys go sleep. The majority of these have been spent in meetings with ‘Builder Ben’ discussing last minute changes to the structural engineering plans.

We have already shuffled walls around in the master-bedroom to accommodate a Super King size bed (yes one of the many demands from ‘The Client’– thanks Vince).

Staying on top of the design (one of the joys of building from scratch) means we can minimise any unwanted architectural design elements. Enjoying a close working relationship with Builder Ben has proved invaluable in achieving this (even at an early stage). We’ve been able to maintain a constant dialogue with someone we know and trust which has aided in the decision-making process. It’s also built and increased our knowledge. (I’ve worked on other projects before where the communication between the interior designer and architect wasn’t in place and that led to flaws in the finished product.)

Last week I mentioned that setting up our budget spreadsheet was a top priority. I’m pleased to report that I have completed my homework  🙂 – now we just need to get in the habit of adding to them!

Another highlight this week was being told by the Kitchen specialist that my design idea is great (little confidence boost) and so now all units and appliances are priced & ready when we are:)!!!

Vince was unsurprised to hear the words ‘this is one of the most expensive worktops we have’ as I picked out a beautiful piece of white quartz – with teeny tiny subtle flecks of mirror (I do love a bit of sparkle!) Even though I loved this work top, I wasn’t too crazy about the price tag so I set about sourcing a cheaper supplier. Thanks to a company in Berko – mission accomplished!! This has made me a very happy girl as it has meant not having to compromise on our style or taste whilst remaining on budget….. for now.

Whilst Leo is at Nursery mornings are being spent with my Design assistant Austin 🙂 this week we have been looking at splash back options for the kitchen visiting various local showrooms. After discarding numerous options (I love a sample!) We have decided to run with antique mirrored tiles (a bit of a statement)! The mirror is going to be great for creating the visual illusion of a larger space whilst complimenting with the worktop perfectly. The antique effect will (hopefully) disguise the splashes and marks which are inevitable whilst cooking!

On our agenda next week is to lay a temporary driveway so that construction vehicles can access the site and begin the dig out for the basement and foundations. I also need to continue planning the bathrooms!

O and we are also off to visit Grand Designs Live for some inspiration 🙂

Hope you have a great week.
Lucy and Vince


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