Breaking Ground & Hidden Treasures…


Progress at the plot
Two weeks in and the plot looks almost unrecognisable. The ground workers have been busy busy busy…. a 100m temporary driveway has been laid of hardcore (crushed and recycled concrete) this is so that large vehicles can now access the site with ease.

Doodle for Entrance(2)
A trial pitt was dug (vince had a good giggle when i called it a test patch… what can I say I’m an interior designer haha!) to test the quality of the ground which will determine foundation depths.

Doodle for Entrance(1)

Good news!! The ground is made up of chalk and gravel and therefore the trench fill foundations do not have to be anywhere near as deep as we had first thought and budgeted for! Saving time, muck away and ultimately money!! 🙂

Incidentally the dig out has uncovered some interesting artefacts; some very old and unusual shape glass bottles (thinking of up cycle use somewhere in the house), a collection of old wallets & a rather gross rude object which has caused much hilarity over the last week (currently nailed to a tree stump & similar up cycle ideas being bantered about).

Progress on the Interior

A visit to grand designs live with the hubby! A fun day out & well worth a visit if you have particular items to look for! We went on the hunt for alternative slimline glass door companies having realised our budget would be seriously stretched with the recent quote received! Luckily for us there were a handful of specialist companies there. It was great to be able to see and test the difference in products available (some doors are seriously heavy to pull, and the slimline isn’t so slimline) it was also particularly convenient that they were all under one roof! Our star find of the day was a company called Architectural Vision Systems, in comparison to some of the better known companies he was the only one at the show that knew the product well enough to price there and then (we were organised and took a copy of our plans so had sizes to hand) we were super impressed with his knowledge and the look & quality of the doors (tried & tested on his stand) for what currently seems a very reasonable & competitive price…. rather happy with this little find!!

We may have also bought a pink hard hat …. a pressie for Builder Ben…. for a giggle and a good cause (Breast cancer awareness)

We got pulled into looking at hot tubs…. for when/if our budget will stretch that far (I doubt it very much but think vince would favour this over some of the necessities!!) 🙈 I lost his concentration not long after lunch, a beer & a kir royal (it was a day without the kiddies!) so we called it a day and left on a high!

Since the show I have had a rethink on the internal doors as we realised that our initial idea of 2x glass wall/ doors off the hall way will be rather pricey, especially as not many companies do fire rated glass (the doors need to be FD30)! Practicality and budget is always my starting point, working the aesthetic around this.

Doodle for Entrance-3I am usually driven by the client and their brief, and so again have had to adjust to designing around our personal taste & lifestyle! It’s very easy to get pulled into the current trends and we were beginning to veer down the very minimalist modern route, when actually we both favour a complimentary mix between modern and traditional! Getting the balance between the two is a working progress, which is why i love a sketch!! A doodle that sparks an initial idea! Then transferred to vector works (design software) for evolving the design to scale and making sure it works….

On ditching the glass idea we agreed it would actually be more preferable anyway to have the option of closing the hall off, or have the doors open flush against the walls. With this in mind, our current idea is to go with white woodwork (a chunky cornice and skirting) framing black gloss doors accessorised with silver hardware including some oversized bespoke door handles (price dependent)! The black will be balanced with other accents which are still to be decided; possibly balustrade, pic frames etc…

The sun dome at the top of the stairwell will ensure that natural light floods the entrance hall, taking away any fear of the space feeling enclosed and gloomy! Not to mention key lighting elements; a feature pendant (still to be chosen) stair lighting & down lights. I also intend to use some reflective surfaces; polished concrete floor, glass & mirror accessories & probably something sparkly too no doubt! All to create plays of light in the space!

We want the first impression to feel glamorous and elegant whilst making a bit of a statement (hopefully) ……now to achieve all of this without compromising on the budget!

Next weeks agenda

Dig out for foundations and the basement really gets going….
Staircase designs & initial pricing, bathroom designs; sanitary ware & tiles… but a short week for me as I go away, leaving the boys with daddy 🙈!!!

Have a fun & productive week!

Lucy & Vince 🙂


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