One epic wall!


So another 4 weeks has flown by since posting….oops! We’ve been busy jet setting again; playing bridesmaid to my bestie in Spain followed by a quick two day turnaround & family holiday to Greece (all these were planned and booked prior to commencing our build) needless to say no more leaving the country for us for a while!! (well me anyway, one more stag do for the year for vince). Luckily at this early stage in the build theres not too much for us to oversee or major decisions to be made, our contractor has had it all in hand along with Builder Ben.

The progress

So my writing updates might be a little behind… but the build is moving on nice & steadily! We have a retaining wall …. yay! Concrete uprights were poured, have set and the timber shutters that effectively acted like a mould for the uprights have since been removed… it is now freestanding! this is very exciting as now we can see a boundary for one side of our house, crazy reality! This retaining wall is the basis of support to the main structure of the house, holding up the bank and out the water through tanking (a way of waterproofing using a plastic membrane which is specially sealed). The wall currently feels very dominant in its height and size but it accounts for footings, floor depths and also the support to the driveway.

A drainage system has also gone in behind the wall in order to prevent water pressure building up against it. Soil & chalk from the initial dig out has then been used to backfill up to what will be our ‘Ground level’. Sticking on the drainage subject- the site soak away and surface water drainage has been put in at what will be the back of the house…. this will hopefully ensure the efficient removal of all water from around the exterior of the house.

Next up was marking out trench foundations, these are meant to account for where the walls of the house will lie to ensure that they are built onto a solid base. The trenches have since been dug and our buddy has been back with his lorry full of concrete to fill them!

Vince did a bit of grafting yesterday (so he says 🙂 ) Im more inclined to believe he acted the coffee boy as he headed off in his smart jeans and t-shirt….. to help Builder Ben and a labourer for the morning. We chose to take a precautionary measure adding additional waterproofing to the inside of the retaining wall so that in the unlikely event of water getting through the retaining wall it will hit the sheeting and run down below floor level to drain away. In order to save on spending we got Vinces hands dirty 🙂 this involved screwing corrugated plastic sheeting onto the inside of the retaining wall.

Reading this back iv just realised how many times i have referred to drains and drainage in the above (at least not human related… at this stage anyway) but I guess that just emphasies the importance and effort that goes into ensuring unwanted water is controlled & kept out of the house.

ooo and some materials have been delivered to site too, concrete blocks for our block and beam floor, and our yellow stock bricks have arrived… eeek.

Next on the agenda…. no more digging down 🙂 up it goes!!!!

Another video from us rounding up month 2- ahhhh another month down.. :-)! sorry about video quality .. we are still learning how to put a halfway decent one together! Complete amateurs! Hope you enjoy …..

Lucy & Vince x


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