Bricks, Blocks & Beams….


Gosh I’m not doing well with these weekly updates 😳 (more like monthly) however progress on the build has thankfully not been so slack! Since our last post everything has been moving super speedy & it’s getting very visually exciting!

We said ‘good bye’ to the ground workers three weeks back & ‘hello’ to the brickies! Eeeek! So no more digging down! The blocks, beams and steels have been going up, up, up and we are actually starting to resemble a house 😬!
Despite the rain and storms, I can’t quite believe how quickly the walls are going up, we have window, door and fire openings on our lower ground floor! For the first time ever we are able to stand in what will be our basement entertaining space and get a real perspective of what our space will feel like and the scale of it. So blooming surreal! The boys are loving exploring onsite collecting bits of off cuts to take home and build their own house 🙊 we may need to invest in some mini hard hats!

A breakdown of our main focus for this month;

We have had a little set back to do with our windows. Our initial quote for these has been based on black external/ internal upvc, luckily we asked to see a sample as they look dark brown! We have since researched into upvc and although labelled as/called black they most definitely are not! So for now we are headed down the aluminium route which can be colour matched to any ral colour (and to be honest iv always preferred this option! but it does cost rather a lot more… no surprise there then) Something else is going to have to give 😩!

With three flights, these have always been a major design consideration for me! One flight will be the first thing you see as you walk through the front door, so of course, in my mind these need to make an impact. However other factors; a main one being cost has of course had to come into it.
Some initial ideas I have since dismissed for various reasons; a carpet runner on lower two staircases & fully carpeted on the top staircase, I felt a runner would look untidy on tight angled winders (particularly with a pattern to the carpet) and impractical with my lovely kitties! they would just love to find a new scratch post! Concrete was dismissed for cost and coldness under foot (and potential hazard for the kiddies) I also considered painting a timber frame as a potentially cheaper option but quickly ruled it out for maintenance regarding chipping and not quite the look we are going for!

So as you can see after some consideration…..we have decided to treat all staircases the same! Some initial quotes have been quite frightening 🙂 but we (Builder Ben) have managed to source a company within budget without compromising our style! YAY …..& phew!

With having polished concrete on the lower two levels I wanted to throw in some natural texture and warmth so we are going to use thick oak treads and oak risers with a cut stringer detail, that will be stained a grey/black. Leading to herringbone floor on landings coated in the same wood stain (this is the plan to date anyhow). Still to design the steel railings with black hand rail! but we are getting there!

Air con and heating:
So I may have been a bit of a madam here and totally put my foot down and pushed for no ugly rads! and although we haven’t got the head height for lowering the entire ceiling I am on a mission to house air con units discretely over the entire house (built above cupboards, partial drops in the ceiling but made a feature- that sort of thing). These are also an alternative to rads as they chuck out heat aswell as cool air! with underfloor heating and these we are on to a winner! I now have everyones agreement on this too 🙂 I’m also super lucky in that my dad owns & runs an Air Con company, and my bro is an awesome A/C engineer so I have lots of help on hand!

Lighting and electrics:
My best mates hubby has been an absolute gem and spent an evening going over my lighting plan and explaing all aspects of electrics to me (in lay terms) wiring, legalities etc…. and offfered lots of help along the way so i’m feeling very grateful and a lot less daunted… has up to now felt a bit over my head.
My action plan is now to finalise furniture layouts and therefore be able to finalise all aspects of how and where I want particular lighting elements…

Internal doors:
The majority of our internal doors need to be fire rated (just what our budget needs😩) we have agreed on some gorgeous three panelled doors- which will be painted black set off by silver hardware (still to be specified). Double doors off the entrance hall will have fire rated bevelled glass panels instead of being solid… to emphasise the feeling of space & encourage natural light into the entrance.

Next on the agenda; onstite: more yellow stock brick skin going up to ground level, scaffolding…
Interior: Planning where and how the ac units can be housed in the rooms, knuckle down on furniture layouts and lighting, sourcing tiles, drawing elevations…

So its all busy busy busy & getting very excited as it’s all starting to pull together.

We have put together a vid of the month 3 progress so check it out 🙂

see you soon (hopefully 🙂  )

Lucy & Vince



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