Snowed Under!

Well this month I set out to attempt more frequent posts as there is just so much going on now and so much to cover in a month- too much really! This was my plan…. but here I am again attempting to cram everything in that we have experienced in 4 weeks. Anyway I will breeze over the main things we encountered….

The roof slates are almost all on now!! We decided to run with a Spanish slate in the end — we felt the colour works perfectly with the exposed rafter feet, bricks and windows, its also extremely hard wearing and proved the most cost effective. Have you seen the price of welsh slate 😱?! Anyway we are very happy and think it’s looking pretty smart so far!

IMG_6618O yes and chimneys!
Due to the amazing brickwork from Craig and Dan I think our chimneys are looking pretty… well pretty! due to the size of the chimney’s I think it needed some pretty detail incorporated into it…I think this has been achieved but see what you think….

Velux windows have arrived and finally been fitted- i say finally as we had two deliveries both of which arrived broken! anyway they seem good this time! I am super excited to use our balcony velux in the room in the roof, the view from here over the valley is lovely, I can see this being a little escape up here!

Vince and Ben have been busy making some temporary stairs in order to not hold up any works….. I know right 😱?! That’s what I thought but the guys needed to be able to access the first and second floors with ease when carrying large materials, I guess for safety too… although its arguably safer to go up the ladder if Vince had a hand in making them 🙂 haha i joke but for those of you that know vince know his DIY skills are limited to whatever can be done using his one and only tool……..THE multi tool (yes this is his toolbox)….anyway i am pretty proud of their attempt: quite impressive I recon for a pair of amateurs 😉

Ben has been on my case wanting lots of internal drawing info…. I have been prepping for this for a long time and it’s very exciting if not a bit daunting! Since our last update I have completed the main stud wall drawings and the walls are now up! eeeek!! strangely (and thankfully) the room spaces are actually feeling larger now than when it was just one open space. We worked out that Austin’s ensuite is infact a similar size to his current bedroom (he does have the box room of the house but still pretty crazy).

I am finding that its now super important for me (now more than ever) to be making regular visits to site!! easier said than done with a 2 yr old at my feet, in a not so kiddy friendly building site! anyway I am managing to grab my moments even if not as often as i’d like it seems to be enough so far. I did flag up a couple of issues regarding stud wall changes that needed to be made, but as it was early on its meant it hasn’t been a massive issue…. more of a slight inconvenience.

I have been organising the utilities this month too- what a shlog that has been and still is!! lots of phone calls and form filling! This isn’t one of our code 6 sustainable house designs so we need to get connected up to the mains; electric, water and gas which is why I have been busying feeling like a fish out of water! give me back my pretty fabrics and colours 🙂

Lighting plans!!! something I have pre empted for a looooong time, the day is now here! I have been busying away getting my head around everything to do with lighting – I say lighting but really that’s a small part of the overall electrical plan! I personally feel like in order to design ‘well’ I have to understand these specialist elements! or at the very least grasp the basics!

I have since finalised plans & presented my work to the client (my hubby) who seems very impressed so far! Obviously I am no lighting specialist and aside from admiring (or analysing why I don’t like) lighting I have minimal experience. I do know, however, that I am mad about creating different moods through lighting and so I have spent a lot of time planning what I think will achieve the look we are after. I have attempted to minimise the use of spot/downlights unless being used for task lighting (in bathrooms and kitchen) or are directional -to light up a feature wall or highlight a piece of art or picture. I have always felt comfortable and relaxed in rooms where lighting has been well planned out and feels balanced so have tried to achieve this through designing using layers of light; low level, mid and high with different focal points.

I have to admit I’m a sucker for decorative lights (usually something sparkly or oversized or both!) whether it be a statement pendant, wall light or large table or floor lamp I love it!! other than these I am all about discreet minimal fittings perfectly placed….. well we shall soon see … The electrician will soon start first fix (sometime in Jan) he now has the plans to muddle through anyway!

This week I’m off with a set of plans myself and a spray can to mark out where the fittings go so I can get an idea onsite- a suggestion of bens to help clarify if we think theres enough or too many fittings….we are also going to wire up a floor light I have specified to see how much light it gives out (another great suggestion of bens) a specialist would obviously not need to do this but I want to make sure I have designed to fill the space with enough light… but equally not too much- (light fittings add up!!)

Whilst I have to prioritse certain things like the lighting & plumbing, I am still busying away in the background planning other design elements to make sure its all pushing on!! Some days I do feel overwhelmed with the sheer amount of work there is to be getting on with … but we are both loving the process so far.

Next on the agenda… Lighting elevations with lighting schedule. Plumbing first fix (so all bathroom layouts finalised) remaining tiles to the roof!

A snowcapped house… a great way to round off the year for us 🙂 winter has always been our favourite season & significant for us with getting engaged, married and having our first bubba all in December 🙂 busy busy busy!

If you fancy checking out a round up of month 6  here is the vid….

Merry Christmas everyone!

Lucy & Vince x


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